Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 I've been obsessing over the cutaway hems or fish tail and it is lovingly called the mullet skirt. It's perfect for summer and never fails to transform any outfit into an elegant ensemble. Another way to spice up a boring buttom down. I scored this skirt on a bazaar, and i say this is one of my greatest steal..I just about to died on excitement and I'm taking this outfit into the next level... And I'm planning to have my own DIY skirt on my next post..

I  found  fashion inspirations who rocked mullet maxis in the most cop-worthy of ways. 

I'm eyeing Bubbles chained tassle necklce for almost a month now.. Finally, i got my tassle necklace from Bubbles booth at Super Sale Bazaar at World Trade.. It was so lovely to meet the owner of the shop, Ms Tati.. She even gave me a  big discounts on my purchased.. To check out her Facebook account HERE..
She offered a variety of pieces /  accessories to jazz up any outfit that suit your style and personality on a very reasonable price...

Brought home my new loves♥ from Super Sale Bazaar WTC! Purchased from BUBBLES & The Make Up Store!!:)

 Make- up Addiction: I love the colors of Nyx pink lipstick: Perfect for the dollie day time look.. I encouraged also to try the NYX Extreme lip cream..A Velvety rich lip cream that provides extreme pigmentation with a silky and glossy finish. This lip cream is a hybrid of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain with intense pigmentation 


  1. love this outfit, especially the skirt, it looks so pretty on you!

  2. the mullet skirt is amazing, definitely one of my favorite trends! love how you wore it, the bright colors are perfect together

  3. Like your skirt. :)

    Now following your blog


  4. great look! now following :)


  5. please tell me where to buy that mullet skirt like yours. thanks =)

    1. I nikki! i bought mine on a recent bazaar.. Do check out some online shops, they got tons of style and colors of mullet skirt:)

    2. can't find any ol store selling as nice as yours :(
      what is the name of the store? maybe they have online shop too. thanks!


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