Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We had 4 days straight to chill, Monday and Tuesday are declared as holiday.. So out of town plans were lined up to savor every moment of our vacation.Unfortunately,last weekend it was raining so hard,tropical typhoon hit the metro.. So i was stuck in my bed due to bed- weather... Boredom really kills me..
Finally Mr. Sunshine comes out last Monday..We spent the afternoon taking a walk through La Mesa Dam Eco Park seek a treasure trove of interesting subjects and vistas to capture. It's a beautiful place...simply breathtaking!
 paths through woods and along the side of a couple of streams and a few wide open meadows.
The meadows are full of yellow flowers amongst all the other wild flowers.  It's really quite pretty.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glitters ran through my Veins

I’ve always wanted floral heels… Originally i want to score one i saw in Forever21 but they don’t have my size!!! (major boo!!!t)… Luckily a i found this sturdy and comfy heels in Jellybean… So, without thinking twice i was able to brought it home…
I’m so impulsive when it comes in buying heels and accessories… right now I’m hooked with ring connectors…and F21 has such a vast of collection…

Monday, August 29, 2011


Last weekend me and my boyfie took some of my chic snapshots on their village park.. Since the weather is cooperative, we did some walk and i even borrow his sister’s bike, didn’t miss the chance to bring it on and fling again with summer…

Again, i’m wearing my floral corset, i think you’ve seen this in my previous post… This is one of my fave piece in my closet right now… I love the way this corset fits cause it very feminine added with romantic touch… Hope y’all love how i pulled my outfit!!


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