Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Shopping Haul

 I'd post a haul to share what I got this Christmas! Since holiday shopping bazaars spring up in parks and some public spaces around the city, i scored some great finds which are extremely adorable and affordable. I am happy though, I now have a tote and a pair of heels to wear.

Beauty Buys from MAC and NYX  and Glitter polish from Korean Nail Shop which cost only P 100.00 each
Necklace from Yhansy and Accessorize
This one is my fave- Butterfly chained necklace is my currently addiction
Landmark Dept. Store peach Satchel Bag

This bag is perfectly fit to carry my laptop plus i love the details- heart, fur , color everything!!! And I have the feeling that my laptop will be very happy!!:)

I've been eyeing Candy Bags since last month, so my boyfriend gave me this as one of his Christmas present.
Another wicked heels will be spotted on my shoobee collection..
My  version of Creepers oxford shoes bought online

 Another gift from my boyfriend this Christmas..When I first received it, I let out a little squeal of delight. My first thought was, “It’s soooooooooo cute!” The color and print are two of my favorite ... so that squeal was a little louder than I had intended it to be.

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  1. love the bags you bought! especially the candy bag, it's so cute:)

    visit my fashion blog with my sisters too and maybe we can keep in touch via gfc:)


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