Monday, October 24, 2011


I’m posting a snapshot wearing ferocious animal prints,. These are my latest obsessions and my favorite staple in my closet . It has always been associated with fierce and can bring an instant effortless chic look. Just remember don’t over do it, cause the print itself is bold enough and can already create a high fashion statement.

Top- People are People; Leopard Print Pants- Custom made

Mary Janes Miu-Miu inspired shoes are from Jellybean

Ring Connectors from various bazaars

Here are some of my inspiration from my favorite fashion bloggers.

Camille Co

Kookie Buhain

Kryz Uy

Shai Lagarde

Jonina Ladrido


  1. hi i love your pants! nice outfits. followed you! :D

    love, ace♥


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